I Have Lived A Legend

I have lived in legend.
A time of friends like brothers, honorable foes and vile enemies,
Where our armies shook the foundations of heaven
And our revels would draw kingdoms of merriment.
My Baron and Baroness, by advice and example,
Detoured us from disaster, when we would listen (not often)
And mitigated our injury from misstep (quite common).
Sorely tempted am I to live in the legend of the past.
But it is the past that made us what we are today.
And that legend we made, all of us,
And if I were to speak to the me a decade younger,
I would tell him what I say to us:
Let us live today so it might become tomorrow’s legend.

– Mael Gresham, Bard of the Oaks
presented to Baron Wilhelm and Baroness Elizabeth
at the Baroness’ Masked Ball, Dec. 14, 2002