Turning Of The Seasons

(sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon”)

A meadow, bright with color
Spring laughter fills the air
Daddy smiles as his baby girl
Tucks sweet flowers in his hair

Oh Spring turns into Summer
Fall to Winter’s snow
Children grow into their own
And parents watch them go

The Summer heat bears witness
To child’s determined vow
Daddy’s lute has a stutter
Young girl’s fingers learning how


Years of practice later
She performs one Autumn night
Daddy listens with bated breath
But he knows he taught her right


Now to make her own way
Winter time she chose
Daddy bundles up her lute, and
Smiles sadly for he knows…


– Casssandra Rossignol
Bard of the Oaks competition entry
Composed on site at Darkwood A & S
September 2005, AS XL