The Barony is made up of four cantons and a college:

Caer DarthCaer Darth
(Santa Cruz – City & County)
Web site: N/A
Yahoo! Group: cantonofcaerdarth
Facebook Group: Canton of Caer Darth
Seneschal: Caitriona Griffin
** Business meetings and Arts & Sciences Workshops – 2nd Tuesday of every month, location varies.   Contact Seneschal, check Yahoo Group and/or Facebook Group for information.
** Sewing workshops – 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 7:00pm. For information and directions, please contact Sabrina Goldbender.
** Fighter practice – Every Thursday at 7:00pm, at the parking garage near the Galleria, in Santa Cruz  Facebook Page:  CaerDarth Fighter Practice
** Rapier practice – Every Thursday at 7:00pm, same location as the heavy fighter practice above.  Facebook Page:  CaerDarth Fighter Practice

Hawks HavenHawks Haven

(Southern Santa Clara, San Benito Counties)
Web site: None
Facebook Group: Canton of Hawks Haven
Seneschal: Margret Graham
** Informational and officers meetings on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:30pm, location varies. Contact Seneschal for details.


(South and East Monterey County – including Salinas)
As of Purgatorio 2006, Koenigstadt was absorbed into the Barony (not given to Tarnmist, as rumor suggested). Her arms were given to the Kingdom until we activate her once more.


Montaigne du RoiMontagneDuRoi
(North and West Monterey County – including Seaside)
Web site:, Yahoo! Group:
Seneschal: Leofwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda
** Informational and officers meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm at Christophe’s house, email Christophe if you need directions.


College of St. DavidStDavid
U.C. Santa Cruz chapter!
Seneschal – Morwenna Wild
Facebook – Medieval Club @UCSC
Meetings – Only held during UC Santa Cruz school term. Location/date/time
varies. Contact Seneschal or check FB for more

Anyone wishing to get in touch with the group in their area is welcome to attend the meetings listed above. Don’t be shy! We don’t bite! Well…our armor does, but *we* don’t!

There are also quite a few members that reside outside the official boundaries of the Barony. These gentles are affectionately known as “The Shire of the Great Unwashed.” (sniff, sniff…hey, we don’t smell THAT bad)