On Being a Huscarl – A Brief Historie

Written by Baron Wilhelm von Zweikopfiegen Falke, June 13, 2001

Baron Sebastian created the first Darkwood Husscarls patterned after the Anglo-Saxon and Viking King’s Housecarls. His original Husscarls consisted of 5 worthy Darkwood fighters, of which Lord Wilhelm vom Zweikopfeigen Falke was one. Their mission was to guard the Baron at all times but mostly in war.

Requirements to be a Husscarl were that a fighter must possess a spear or pike, a war shield painted Black and White, their own armour and a Black and White surcoat. All war weapons were to be taken to the war field so that the Baron could employ whatever weapon was needed depending on the scenario.

Although the Darkwood presence on the war field was minimal, many times only Baron Sabastian and Lord Wilhelm, Darkwood learned its craft as warriors and war leaders. Many times Darkwood stood at pike range losing its troops by attrition under the command of others supposedly more experienced then themselves.

When Baron Sebastian stepped down as Baron Wilhelm and Elizabeth became the new Baron and Baroness, Baron Sebastian’s Husscarls were disbanded and Baron Wilhelm recreated his new personal guard not as a guard but as an army. Requirements were the same with the added requirement that the candidate must want to become a Husscarl and that the candidate should promise to attend as many wars or war practices as possible.

The organization changed from 5 Darkwood fighters to 5 companies of fighters. The Caer Darth Fighters Guild came into the Husscarls as an organized company and as such became known as First Company. The Clan, MdR and Hawks Haven were next to organize into fighting companies. Those and the Husscarl Lights, a company of light fighters, became the new army of Baron Wilhelm’s Husscarls.

Over the years Wilhelm’s Husscarls, popularly known as Darkwood Husscarls, became known for many things at wars. Prior to Darkwood’s coming in its own on the war field archery was used in one or two scenarios in every war. During the old Darkwood/Tarnmist Wars, Darkwood/Westermark Wars and the first War of the Baronies, Baron Wilhelm, who autocrated most of them, insisted on archery in every scenario. Soon that became the norm for all Western wars.

The Husscarls would take any fighter into their fold regardless of their fighter prowess and soon had one of the largest fighter forces on the field. Until Sir Braun was knighted, the Husscarls were an unbelted war unit but still feared throughout the West and beyond as a premiere-fighting unit. They had and still do have more female fighters then any other unit.

Darkwood has a history of one of the strongest shield walls in the West and are well known for their ability to hold any castle gate, command any bridge and break any wall it comes up against. Husscarls have been the center of most every attack and defense in every Kingdom, Principality and local war in the West Kingdom never once failing to heed the call of our King, Prince or Baron.