The Darkwood Ranger Program

The Darkwood Rangers, Yeomen, and Defenders

In the time of Wilhelm and Elizabeth, it was determined that unbelted fighters should grow in skill and experience beyond the lists and battlefields. Thus was formed the Company of Baronial Rangers & Yeomen. That tradition carries on to this day, with the addition of Defenders, being those citizen who wish to study the Arts of Defense.

Any citizen of Darkwood may become a candidate by submitting a petition to the Baron and/ or Baroness of Darkwood. This petition must be submitted at White Shield, Baroness’ Masked Ball or any event the Baron and Baroness are present. The candidate must letter/ calligraph their own petition. They must complete the program by the next occurrence of that event.

The candidate must meet certain requirements in the following areas: combat, heraldry, games, courtesy, dance, the bardic arts, the arts & sciences, service and largess.

Privileges of this rank include

  • Wear a special token of the rank. This token shall be a bag or satchel bearing a badge blazoned thus: Argent, an oak tree sable surmounted by a letter R, argent.
  • Receive certification that this rank has been attained
  • Holders of this rank may recommend to the Baron and Baroness changes to the requirements for elevation to this rank.
  • Such other privileges as may be deemed appropriate.

Obligations of this rank include:

  • Protect and defend the Barony of Darkwood, and through it the Kingdom of the West, by skill at arms.
  • Protect all gentles in any manner necessary as required by the code of chivalry.
  • Uphold the ideals of chivalrous behavior as embodied in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
  • Maintain a level of competence in accordance with the requirements of the rank.


Darkwood Ranger